Shri Bhoomi Sametha Sri Varadarajaperumal

  1. Ashtothara Archana
  2. Sahasranama Archana
  3. Palabhishekam
  4. Palppayasam – Special Thiruvonapayasam **
  5. Special Abhishekam ( 11 Dravyam )
  6. Kalabhabhishekam **
  7. Udayasthamana Pooja
  8. Nitya Pooja **


  1. Ashtothara Archana
  2. Vadamala – Anjaeyar
  3. Venakkappu – Anjneyar

Vishnupadam Sastha Temple

  1. Ashtothara Archana
  2. Shadashadayam – Vishnupadam Sastha temple
  3. Special Abhishekam ( 11 Dravyam )


Short note about the special offerings practiced at our temple :



The offering of palpayasam to Sri Varadaraja perumal is considered as a pray to the lord for an offspring those who have no issues. The couples tendered their submission to the lord have a miraculous result within a prescribed period. This offering is made on the star Tiruvonam. The very star of lord himself. We can recall the story of santanagopalm in our scriptures where Lord Himself had come to the succor of Arjuna to retrieve the deceased Kids of a Brahmin from the claws of death.


The kalabhabishekam is a vital part of the rituals performing at the temple of Lord Varadaraja perumal . This ritual is usually conducted during the annual Rathostava festival in the morning hours. Besides this the kalabhabishekam is conducted on certain auspicious days also. In this custom the deity is effusively coated in kalabham and performs Vedic ceremonies by erudite priests. After conclusion of this pooja the deeparadhana with percussion by professional artiste create the temple ambiance equivalent to the vaikunda. Then the various sorts of prasadams will be distributed with ecstasy and fervor. Throughout these days the festival deity known as Chakarat azhvar will be circumambulated on the temple premises.

The ingredients applied in the kalabha are not only sandal wood but also aromatic elements like kasturi,akil,gulgulu,manchi,kumkum flower,kottem,iruveli and ramacham.

Apart from this the vast medicinal significance of kalabha is prescribed in our vedic Texts, scriptures and ayurveda . When smeared on the forehead and body it would Mitigate the blistering heat and fresh our mental power and intellectual functioning.

It is a sacred medication for the skin infections. It is most excellent medicine for The nervous system and to improve the blood circulation of the body.


Nityapooja at Sri Varadaraja perumal temple is daily offering by the devotees On their birth star for the prosperity and well being of their family. Any disciple can Perform this puja irrespective of their habitat. Those who dwell outside the village, state or country can register for the nityapuja with the concerned trust. The prasadam will be Send by post to them after performing this puja. Countless people share their experiences Of fulfillment of their wishes after performing the nithyapuja with profound devotion.

If you wish to be a part of Nityapooja , please contact us –  [email protected]