Our supreme source of spiritual strength and vigor evoke  from a deity of Alampallam village which is none other than Sri Varadaraja perumal the almighty Who is the very soul of the residents. The temple of this divine lord is situated on the banks of holy river Gayathri which emanates from the sahya parvata and unites in the Bharata puzha . Alampallam village is nearly an hour ride from Palakad, district head quarters and ten minutes drive from Kollengode a petite township.

This temple has a vast and glorious history which date backs from 16 nth centuries. The foremost divine being varadaraja perumal is considered as an embodiment of Lord Mahavishnu who glances at the east to bless the devotees. On crossing the threshold of the temple we will witness the appealing facade of Garuda who appear to be a guard of Sri Varadarajaperumal.

When we enter into the sanctum sanctorum the striking icon of lord Anjaneya appear to be in a soothing Disposition in the direction south to pacify the ruffled psyche of the disciples. During the circumambulation of the temple inside we come across Lord Ganapathy the exceptionally Eliminator of all the obstacles we face in our daily existence. There are also the idols of Navagrahas whom manage every minuscule movement of human beings.

When we go on we can spot the wonderful sculptures of various configurations of the vahanas’ which carry the deity on the chariot through the village procession on auspicious days and certain functions. There are six vahanas to be precise Gaja,Aswam Vyali,Anjaneya, ,Garuda, and Adisesha